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I am John Kirsch, my father was John Kirsch, Jr. from Springfield, PA, but he lived in Lancaster, PA for most of my teenage/early adult years.  John Kirsch (my father) died around 1994?  I didn't find out til the funeral was over.

His Parents were John Kirsch (not sure if he had a suffix), and Nancy Kirsch

I am John Kirsch, my mother is named Johanne Bray is from and currently living in Erie, PA.

This is my daughter Nora's first performance with my band in the summer of 2007 benefitting the children's miracle network for walmart.


My day with Flat Nora by pappy.

Charlotte and Nora 2007.06.10 after watching shrek the third

My princess in first grade October 2006

Nina, Daddy, and Nora

Charlotte, who is Nora's longtime GA friend(Left) and Nora(Right)

Nora at her desk in Kindergarten.. She's now in 1st grade!!

Photos from my 2006 early spring visit to Iowa.

I have 2 daughters.

In chronological order:

Kira Elizabeth Statson -  Short for Shakira or Indian Princess.  She was born in 1994.  Born and Adopted around 1995 by James Statson (My 1st wife's 3rd husband.)  She lives in Rapid City South Dakota.  I never got a chance to really know her, but I would love to.

Nora Mya Kirsch -  Nora mean Honorable, Mya means wished for.  Nora lives in Des Moine, IA with my 2nd ex-wife and her step-father Jon.

Its difficult to live so far away from Nora.  After all, I gave her her first bath..  I fed her, her first bottle, I was the 1st person to lay eyes upon her as she crowned. I am her father.  She is the flesh of my flesh.  We share chromosomes.  I sang to her while she was developing in her mother's womb.  She is my little girl, growing closer to teen age all the time, and I miss her always... 


John Kirsch Web Design, Bass Player, and Sound Recording and live music production are my hobbies and businesses. I am a athens ga based bass player otherwise known as an Atlanta bassist.  I do website marketing as a hobby for businesses I appreciate.   I don't do Georgia based website marketing for your company or winder night club for free.  Sorry :(